What is the yellow flag in a car race?

What is the yellow flag in a car race?

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Whether or not you are a fan of motorsports racing, you may have always seen some of these competitions somewhere. In those moments you must have seen that a great variety of colored flags are used in these races. One of these flags is the yellow flag and it’s a flag drivers should pay close attention to.

The yellow flag is part of the track flags traditionally used in auto racing and motor sports, to indicate track conditions and communicate important messages to drivers. here you will learn what is the yellow flagits importance and other related elements.

What is the yellow flag?

This is one track flag whose universal meaning is cautionbefore their sight drivers must explicitly reduce their speed because there is a hazard on the track. It can also mean that a car is dropping broken parts or leaking fluids, both of which are serious hazards at the speed these cars are moving.

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You will usually see a yellow flag at the beginning of the caution zone and continue to where the incident occurred. It is not allowed to pass or pass under a yellow flag.

How can a yellow flag appear on the track?

  • If only one is displayed stationary flag indicates an off-field hazard.
  • If only one is displayed waved flag, denotes a danger on the track itself of career.
  • if they show two flags waved simultaneously, denotes a danger with total or partial blockage of the race track. Indicates to drivers the possible presence of marshals on the track and to prepare to stop, if necessary.

when it shows a yellow flag at a corner station, drivers may not pass until the danger passes or until the next flag station displays a green flag, indicating that the caution section has ended. This flag is displayed at the discretion of the race officials running the station.

Safety car and yellow flag

When the safety car is on the track, all flag points will display a white board with SC in large black letters. When flag stations are controlled by radio, this happens immediately. Otherwise, the board is shown when the safety car passes for the first time.

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The entry of the safety car is accompanied by a waving yellow flag. Standard yellow flag conditions apply to the entire circuit; and overtaking other cars is prohibited. When the safety car arrives and the race resumes, a green flag is displayed at the start line and subsequently at all flag points around the circuit during a lap.

Overtaking is not allowed until the cars have passed the start/finish lineor in F1, the safety car line at the pit entrance.

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