Who needs a 4×4 when you can have a Corvette C5 with 33-inch tires?

In the Diariomotor off-road circuit we have an obstacle that separates the SUVs from the true 4x4s, but in general, it is a terrain in which a car without a minimum of off-road capabilities will have difficulties. Not only for traction, but also for dimensions or ground clearance. In the Diariomotor circuit the two-wheel drive vehicles have it complicated, and it would never occur to them to put a sports car on the track. Unless it was the Corvette C5 that stars in the video that you are going to see next.

This is a Corvette C5 from the late 1990s. A car equipped with a 5.7 V8 LS1 engine, capable of developing 345 hp, transmitted to the ground by a six-speed manual gearbox. Instead of mounting low-profile tires and a sport suspension, one hobbyist installed off-road tires with 33 inch tires, raised its suspension by several inches and riveted its wheel arches with plastic. According to the creator of the vehicle, its suspension has somewhat improvised elements.

The Z71 sticker – a nod to the Chevrolet Silverado’s off-road package – is a most interesting detail.

However, his ground clearance It has gone from just 10 centimeters to a wonderful 38 centimeters. It doesn’t have all-wheel drive, and although its intake is very low to the ground, the car it seems to defend itself perfectly on tracks and areas that are not too complicated. What’s more, his ability to drift seems to be the most fun. But the youtuber who has acquired it, Westen Champlin, has decided not to limit himself to driving it on tracks. He has even decided to carry out a simple wade, in which there was no danger of water entering the engine.

Although the car is two-wheel drive, it has climbed a broken road similar to that of the Diariomotor circuit and has also competed against a UTV on a surface of loose stones. The car seems really fast, although the bumps that the driver makes in the seat of it are not trivial and do not bode well for your back. In the end, the engine temperature went into the red zone because the radiator fans had broken blades, something that will be fixed soon. What do you think of this freak? Does that sound like a sensible idea to you?

If you find it strange, remember that Lamborghini is about to release an off-road version of the Huracán.

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