Who was Emupra, the Mexican influencer who died in a car accident

Last Sunday, November 6, the death of the Mexican influencer was confirmed Emiliano Munoz, better known in the world of social networks as Emupra”.

The content creator, only 20 years old, lost his life during a tragic car accident, his relatives confirmed through Twitter, leaving his many followers on TikTok, Instagram and OnlyFans dismayed.

Who was Emiliano Muñoz “Emupra”

It is about a young man of only 20 years who was dedicated to the world of social networks creating content, especially on TikTok. This platform was his favorite, where he started in 2018 and accumulating up to 2.5 million followers.

However, his account with the greatest influence was knocked down for violating the community rules, having to create another one from 0. He currently has 50 thousand in the Chinese video network.

He also used Instagram, where he has a not inconsiderable amount of 157 thousand followers.

Through his different social networks, he shared videos about trends, viral challenges and popular topics. In addition, she had a special taste for photography, so she used alternate accounts to show a different content: her taste for capturing moments.

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Also, he used onlyfans, where you would have to pay to see their images, in this case more for a more adult segment of the population. To access its content, the price was divided into packages: the cheapest 870 pesos for three months, then 2,046 pesos for six months and 3,060 pesos for a whole year. The monthly subscription was at 341.

The young Mexican also had a personal account on Twitter, with 30,000 followers, although it was used to a lesser extent.

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