Why a truck left debris in Plaza Baquedano in the middle of the demonstrations for 18-O in Chile (+ Video)

This Tuesday is fulfilled three years of the social explosion in Chile, for which several citizens have come out to demonstrate in different parts of the country as a form of commemoration.

One of those places is surroundings of Plaza Baquedanowhere transit from Alamada to Providencia was interrupted.

However, the traffic interruptions did not prevent the passage of a city ​​truck, which was recorded leaving debris in the aforementioned square.

As you can see there is a truck from the same municipality unloading. I can’t zoom in because they might take my cell phone away”, says the person in charge of capturing the images.

Now, hours later, the mayor of Providence, Evelyn Matthei, denounced that the driver of the vehicle had been approached by hooded men, while doing his job.

According to the official, the employee was forced to stop at a traffic light in Plaza Italia after you subjects They will block the path of the dumpster.

It was the hooded men who can be seen in the video throwing garbage into the streets after getting on the truck.

“We, as the municipality, had asked Lorenzo Sepúlveda (the affected worker) to go do a municipal service near Vicuña Mackenna. When he arrived at Plaza Italia he saw that they put a plastic container in front of him, he could not continue advancing “, the mayor clarified in social networks.

For his part, Sepúlveda explained that “If I advanced in the vehicle they were going to throw stones at me, everyone had stones in their hands. Some guys got on the truck and threw things under the truck.

Then the traffic light gave me green and I couldn’t move forward because there were many boys on top of the truck.”, he added.

It is worth mentioning that this Tuesday there was a confrontation in the place between demonstrators and Public Order Control (COP). The tense situation was recorded after Carabineros raised the barricade.

The looting of a pharmacy was also reported doctor sim in Plaza Baquedano. Criminals broke into the premises and began to vandalize and remove merchandise.

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As reported by the Santiago Metro, the Baquedano station remained closed (only to combine), even after 4:00 p.m.

Regarding the detours around Plaza Baquedano, these are maintained during the afternoon and others are added, they pointed out from TransporteInforma.

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