Why did Elon Musk visit Nuevo León, Mexico?

Elon Muskthe billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX was visiting Monterrey this weekend to analyze the possibility of installing a Tesla factory in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

Musk was accompanied by Rohan Patel, director of Business Development of the firm, Eduardo Grandio, market manager of Tesla Mexico and Ken Salazar, ambassador of the United States in Mexico.

While the entourage of New Lion was headed by the state governor, Samuel Garcia, his wife Marian Rodriguez, the Secretary of Economy, Iván Rivas, the Secretary of Labor, Francisco Rojas and Emmanuel Loo, Undersecretary of Investment.

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The eccentric tycoon was photographed in the country and the images are already circulating on social networks. It is worth remembering that Musk is in the eye of the controversy after showing support for Vladimir Putin, president of Russia and for the purchase of Twitter.

Specialized sources affirm that his visit is due to the interest in building a Tesla plant in La Huestaca, in Santa Catarina.

In the talk, held in privacy, the quality of life in Nuevo León was discussed, among other details.

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