Why do car lights come on by themselves?

Why do car lights come on by themselves?

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Why do car lights come on by themselves?

It is not ruled out that the electrical system of the car begins to present faults in the headlight circuit, in the sensor, in the wiring, relay, smart key, in the seals, any of these components with a malfunction, can lead to you ask Why do the car lights come on by themselves?we not only mention the cause, but also give the solution.

Why do car lights come on by themselves?
Why do car lights come on by themselves?

Why do the car lights come on by themselves?

The lights of the car may turn on by themselves, for example we have the headlights headlights, brake lights or interior lights, may be due to problems that we will mention below:

1. Automatic headlights

Why do car lights come on by themselves?
Why do car lights come on by themselves?

If the car has headlights, they will turn on by themselves when the outside environment is dark. may even occur after turning off the engine, it may be due to the automatic setting of the lights to stay on for 3 to 5 minutes. On the other hand, in case the sensor to detect the intensity of light, has defects the circuit will keep the lights on for a long time. It is important to highlight, If the headlights come on by themselves after dark even after being off for a long time, it may be due to a misconfiguration along with faulty wiring.

Solution: the configuration of the lights must be changed, in case it does not work, proceed to verify that the sensor and wiring are working properly. This failure is not common in new cars, however, in cars over 10 years old it is common.

2. Smart key

Why do car lights come on by themselves?
Why do car lights come on by themselves?

It is possible that the smart car keys have this feature incorporated. When you have it with you or near the car, the car’s internal dome lights and headlights are programmed to turn on automatically with the smart key. If this is the case, they will turn off after a few minutes, although they can be activated again and repeat the cycle during the night. Many smart keys have been programmed for this, and can prevent the lights from coming on after multiple activations over a specified amount of time..

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Solution: Some smart keys may have this option disabled, it is best to contact the dealer or place the key out of reach of the car. Depending on the car model, the approximate range is 5 to 25 meters. The car lights can turn on and off during the night, depending on the distance to where the car is parked and the area of ​​your home, the lower the range of the radio signal, the greater the possibility that the lights turn on.

3. Defective seal

A faulty seal of the lighting control unit may be the main causeEspecially when it comes to vintage cars. The water can enter through these damaged seals, and produce short circuits and begin to show these types of problems like turning on the car lights. In the majority of cars the unit is near or on a steering rack of a dashboard. It can happen during a pressure wash in the engine or a steam cleaning in the interior, they moisten parts of the circuits and as a result the lights of the car begin to turn on. This glitch may only last for a day, and the glitch begins at night.

Solution: It will depend on the amount of humidity that the seal has in the unit. In case it is a small amount, you can place silica gel packs to dry and absorb moisture. If the expected response is not obtained, the part must be replaced.

4. Defective electronics

Why do car lights come on by themselves?
Why do car lights come on by themselves?

In the event of any malfunction of the electronic circuit system, the car lights may turn on. Among the parts that should be checked, we have:

the relay: East component serves as a switch in a circuit, and if water has entered it or has reached its useful life, the headlights may begin to turn on by themselves. Other than the relay, other components may be responsible. for what you will have to use a voltmeter and find the power supply. Using a DIY guide can offer timely identification of the damaged part.

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Solution: the first thing to doTo do is refer to the headlight circuit wiring diagram.. If you have a background in electronics, it’s easy to trace the wires in the headlight circuit. This procedure will offer to save you time and money in identifying and solving the fault. Although, in some cases access is complicated, so you should consult a specialist. Car electrical systems are complex, and mechanics or electricians detect the fault immediately.

5. Brake lights – Brake pedal sensor

Why do car lights come on by themselves?
Why do car lights come on by themselves?

The A car’s brake system has a number of sensors.and a failure with any of these, pIt can lead to taillights or headlights brake lights to turn on during the night. Almost always, the brake pedal sensor causes problems. A part that is attached to the pedal may be missing, which prevents the completion of the circuit, or perhaps it has fallen, in this case, it is best to replace the part.

Solution: There is a variety available in the DIY line, which can help pinpoint exactly where the missing plug should go and how to install it. The stopper is very inexpensive and is found online.

6. Take brake light

Why do car lights come on by themselves?
Why do car lights come on by themselves?

It is possible that this part is in poor condition such as corroded or poorly grounded, which interferes with proper operation. This is entirely tied to the brake light switch. A malfunction in this component can generate a failure similar to the relay. It can also occur due to problems with one of the various sensors that make up the braking mechanism. Usually, it is due to the one in the tire or in the brake pedal.

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Solution: Although this does not affect the braking ability of the car, a wrong operation of the sensors can cause accidents and confusion while driving, especially at night. It is best to replace the part as soon as possible.


Why the car lights come on by themselves, we have described in previous paragraphs what would be the possible causes and their solutions. However, let’s talk a bit:

About the headlights

In case of installing custom headlight bulbs, the built-in switch and circuit breaker may be overloaded. The use of specific bulbs by the manufacturer can solve the fault. If not, the switch may need to be changed. The fault can still appear due to a malfunction of the high beams.

About the interior lights

A smart key within range will tell the car that the dome light should be on. We have mentioned that keeping the smart key out of range, or consult the dealer, to reprogram the key to remove this function. In the event that this is not the cause, the following should be considered:

Corroded switches and poor grounding

The first thing to check are the door contacts of the car, the courtesy light switches will turn on, in case the door contacts are damaged, or if they are not well grounded. This failure may appear due to wear over time or the entry of water into the switches. It will appear at night and will be a latent fault in the day.

Solution: You need to apply some WD40 on the latches and switch. If the failure continues, a specialist should be consulted to check the door panels. The problem could be in the wiring that connects the sensors on the door to the light. These go through the connection of the door and the main body of the car, with wear they can rub against each other.

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