Why do they say that the Ranualt Twingo is the best car to have sex in?  (+Video)

Why do they say that the Ranualt Twingo is the best car to have sex in? (+Video)

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After the bad publicity suffered by the small Renault car, Twingo lovers came to its defense. The vehicle ignored by Shakira in the dump from her to Piqué came on the market at the beginning of the 90 ”and is one of the first Smart car.

The third generation of the Twingo created in 2014 with the 1.0 of 70 CV and 0.9 Turbo of 90 CV I continue to give something to talk about. Many may not know, but this car broke into the market generating its own controversy.

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And it is that in 2004 he was chosen as “the best car to have sex”, for the company AutoCity. According to this company, its interior space, its distance between the steering wheel and the seats, the width and comfort of the seats and their ability to recline gave it this title.

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At that time, it was the only model that could recline both seats 180º and connect to the rear seats, transforming into a bed. This feature allowed the firm to play in advertising.

Is the car the kingdom of love?

A survey revealed that 44% of drivers claimed to have used the car at least once to have sex and almost 40% kissed their partner for the first time inside. For its part, the Illicit Encounters portal pointed out that one in three drivers admit to having had sex in the passenger compartment.

The Top 5 cars to have relationships, at that time they were the Ford Fiesta, the Fiat Punto, the Renault Clio and the Seat Ibiza.

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