Why do truckers pour alcohol into truck brake systems?


In this article we will tell you why truckers pour alcohol into the brake systems of his truck.

truck braking systems

Truckers transport necessary services for companies. Sometimes the roads are cold so you must avoid freezing the brake lines. They currently use measures such as alcohol in the braking system.

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How do air brake systems work?

In a normal vehicle, brake pressure is transferred to other components through brake fluid. If you lose pressure you lose the brakes.

The air compressor supplies pressurized air to the system It works if the engine runs. In a storage tank stores the compressed air until it is required.

The brake pedal system It is used when the driver presses the brake pedal to start the process. Air passes from the reservoir to the brake chambers.

For good braking you must have pressurized air stored in the tanks. If the pressure is too low, the “Parking break” to prevent the truck from rolling.

Why pour alcohol into the brake system?

Cold weather does not allow keeping fuel tanks warm. Semi-trucks form icicles on the brake lines when temperatures drop in winter. This freezes the brake system which can lead to an accident.

Did alcohol benefit truckers?

Alcohol has been used for years, although it is used in a pinch. Air dryers remove moisture and debris from the air before it is pumped into storage tanks. Through a alcohol evaporator is injected methyl alcohol in the air stream so that it binds to any remaining moisture.

However, there is a drawback to take into account and that is that placing alcohol in the air brake line can cause an explosion.

In the past, drivers used alcohol in the braking system To avoid freezing the lines in cold weather, there are currently other measures that prevent wheel lockup.

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