Why is Beat leaving Chile, Mexico and other Latin American countries?

The company issued a statement explaining the reasons why it would no longer continue its work in several Latin American countries.

The private transport application Beat announced on Tuesday that it will stop operating in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The reason this will happen is that the company wants to focus on the European market.

“Due to a clear strategic decision by shareholders to focus on their main European markets, our shareholders have made the decision to stop investing in the Latin American region, where Beat operates,” the firm said in a statement through its LinkedIn account.

“Following today’s official internal announcement, we will now focus on providing the best support to all affected employees, as well as notifying our customers and partners of our intention to close our operations,” he added.

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It was also announced that the application will work on a limited basis between November 9 and December 8. In that period, only credit card payments will be accepted Y new users cannot be registered.

As of 00:00 hours on December 9, you will not be able to make trips through the app. Anyway, user accounts will be active until December 30. After that date, the application will stop working in Latin America.

This startup, which was first launched in Greece in 2011, began operating in the region in 2019 seeking to take on heavyweights such as the giant Uber and its Chinese rival Didi.

Beatwhich is part of the group of mobility applications Free Nowtried to distinguish itself in the region with a Tesla electric vehicle fleetalthough it also offered trips in conventional cars at lower prices.

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