Why the subwoofer is so important if you want great power in your car audio system

If you have ever tried to build a good sound system for your car or for your home, to listen to good music or to watch your movies like in the cinema, the first thing you probably bought was a pair of speakers and a subwoofer.

This is one of the key components of a complete audio system. Remember that when you put a subwoofer in the car, the magic happens when you make the interior of the car rumble. It is the subwoofer through its deep bass that gives real power to the sound. Here we are going to learn what is subwoofer.

What is the subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker that reproduces only the lowest audible frequencies, ranging from 20 – 200 Hz, that a traditional two-channel or surround sound setup cannot reproduce on its own. Surround sound in home theater sound systems is implemented using 5 or more channels, with each channel represented by a speaker.

A surround sound system is often referred to as 5.1, which means five main channels plus a subwoofer to drive the low-frequency effects channel The surround channel dedicated to the subwoofer is called channel 1.

types of subwoofers

Which subwoofer is better, passive or active?

It is not a determining factor of the quality of the subwoofer, the fact that a subwoofer is passive or active. However, powered subwoofers are the most widely used as they have their own built-in amplifiers and are not dependent on the limitations of another receiver’s amplifier or amplifier.

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What is the difference between subwoofers and speakers?

The difference between subwoofers and loudspeakers refers only to the Frequency range. the subwoofers are used for much lower frequenciesalso called subwoofer response, while the speakers cover higher frequencies, midrange and high.

That is the reason why speakers are installed in computers and televisions. The speakers are great for vocals, but you’ll notice something is missing if you’re listening to music. To listen lower frequencies a subwoofer should be added.

What features should a subwoofer have that you want to put in a car sound system?

If we are looking for a subwoofer designed to fit into the locations designed to be placed in cars. But this type of subwoofer is not the best option if you are looking for really big bass. Therefore, here I am going to leave you what features you should look for in larger subwoofers for cars.


Something important when choosing a subwoofer is its RMS power. When checking the power of the subwoofer, it should be noted that the amplifier in your car can handle this amount of power. All subwoofers require car amplifiers.


Subwoofers have a higher sensitivity rating than other sound media. At the same time, they require less energy to produce the same amount of sound, unlike the model with a lower sensitivity index.

Number of voice coils

When it comes to coils, we can meet single voice coils and dual voice coils. Dual voice coils provide more flexibility when wiring sound systems.

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The type of box in which the subwoofer is mounted will depend on its sound.

subwoofer size

You should not only consider the size of the subwoofer. You should consider both the wattage, sensitivity rating, and cabinet type. If you want the system to play loud and soft music, and you have enough space where to install it, go for the largest subwoofer possible, but don’t underestimate smaller subwoofers either.

If you install a small subwoofer correctly and have the right type of cabinet, then the subwoofer can perform as well or better than larger ones.

Why add a quality subwoofer to your car audio system?

The subwoofers add bass and clarity to the sound of your car stereo. They can also increase the performance of car audio system in various ways. A quality subwoofer will add depth and realism to your music that would otherwise get lost in your car’s factory stereo system.

When installed correctly and paired with a good amplifier and head unit, a quality subwoofer will take your music listening experience to a whole new level.

Advantages and benefits of the subwoofer in a car

By combining a good amplifier and head unit, a quality subwoofer can provide your car with the following benefits:

Better bass response

Subwoofers extend bass response to reveal sounds in your music that your speakers alone can’t reproduce. Provides added bass depth and claritymaking power possible enjoy a more immersive experience with your car stereo system.

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clearer sounds

quality subwoofers have the speed and transient response to reproduce bass clearlyso even the fastest bass lines are clear and precise.

Distortion reduction

Subwoofers reduce distortion when they reduce the acoustic demands of the other speakers. When a full-range speaker reproduces low-frequency bass, the speaker’s large cone and diaphragm can create distortion.

When playing music at a high volume, the speakers may not be able to keep up with the tweeters and midrange drivers. But instead, quality subwoofers can play loud music without distortioneven if the music is demanding and full of bass.

They prevent smaller speakers from reproducing very low frequencies. Consequently, smaller speakers can reproduce sound in a more comfortable frequency range.

Full Spectrum Response

A subwoofer will sound like an extension of full spectrum speakers without overpowering them. The subwoofers can enhance your music listening experienceadding depth and clarity that you wouldn’t be able to hear with just your speakers.

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