Why You Shouldn't Buy a Used Nissan Leaf in Florida

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Nissan Leaf in Florida

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Why Not Buy a Used Nissan Leaf in Florida
Why Not Buy a Used Nissan Leaf in Florida

The pandemic and supply chain issues, among other economic challenges, have affected the price of used cars throughout the country. But each state has its own cost of living and tax elements that influence the definition of home affordability. And a report from iSeeCars shows how much more expensive the models are nissan leaf pre-owned to buy in various states.

Each state has its own “least affordable to buy” vehicle model. It turns out that the most expensive place to test drive and buy a used Nissan Leaf is Florida. You can see what else is behind this study and where other than Florida you should avoid buying a used Nissan Leaf in America.

iSeeCars: car affordability

iSeeCars found a way to put raw data on the current car market and draw price trends in each state.

The Vehicle Affordability Index was created using the relationship between household income estimates and the idealized earnings for car payments. Rooted in metrics provided by the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey or ACS, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Bankrate, the iSeeCars Auto Affordability Index highlights the affordability of new and used modelsthree years nationwide.

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Don’t Buy a Used Nissan Leaf in Florida

Nissan Leaf, the least affordable used car in Florida

The Nissan Leaf was ranked the highest-priced used car in Florida, and across the nation in the Affordability Report, jumping 55.5% above the affordability threshold. The average price of a three-year-old used vehicle as of August of this year, buying a Nissan Leaf would cost $35,919. That’s $23,418 above the August 2019 used car price.


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The nissan leaf does many things well. This EV offers 149 miles of range or 215 miles, depending on the model. It is also packed with technological and security features. Refreshed for 2023, the Leaf features a new front end and fewer frills, now with the S and SV Plus. The S comes with a 40 kWh battery pack, while the SV Plus comes with a 61 kWh battery, delivering super smooth driving dynamics and quiet rides. But when you can buy a new Nissan Leaf for $28,040 to $36,040, it wouldn’t make much sense to spend more than $35,000 on a used model.

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Other states where the most expensive used is the Nissan Leaf

Unfortunately, as popular as the Nissan Leaf has been, its price has skyrocketed in more states. In this studio, it is also the most expensive to buy in Ohio, with 48.4% above the affordability threshold for a used car. The August 2022 reference price of US$33,845 is US$20,193 higher than the August 2019 reference price.

The situation does not change much if you live in Oregon, where you should also expect to pay more for a Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is rated 34.7% above the affordability threshold, costing $35,325 to buy in 2022. That’s $21,762 over August 2019.

Most industry analysts predict that some of the economic effects will eventually level off. But for now, with continued supply chain concerns and inflation rates, some vehicles will be more expensive to buy in certain locations. We recommend taking this study into account before you go shopping for a used Nissan Leaf if you live in Florida, Ohio or Oregon..


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