With an ax: a woman destroyed her partner’s car for being unfaithful and “Nancy for a little bit” went viral (+ Video)


A woman completely wrecked her partner’s car with an axfor being unfaithful and the video went viral on networks.

Woman smashes her cheating partner’s car with an ax

This Saturday during the day, a video of a woman, quite upset with her partner for having been unfaithful, went viral on social networks, completely destroying her vehicle.

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As can be seen in the video, the woman destroyed the car for reasons of constant infidelity towards her.

Nancygives several hits with the ax to the car, leaving the hood caved in, large scratches, the windshield and other windows broken.

“Nancy, Nancy, stop a little, hey stop“, is what the man tells her before she hits him.

“What happens to you for put…, conchetu dog…!”answers the woman, who also gave him a tremendous blow with the ax.

Although no further details are known, nor where the incident occurred with certainty. We do not know if the authorities investigated the reason or if there was a complaint about it. Although apparently everything happened in the regional area of ​​the country.

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