Woman gave birth in a taxi and the taxi driver charged her for dirtying the vehicle

The story of a mother who gave birth inside a taxi while on her way to the hospital has gone viral. The driver of the vehicle was not happy with the idea of ​​dirtying her car, so she made an extra charge for it.

The incident was recorded in United Kingdom and the protagonist of the story is Farah Cacandin, a 26-year-old woman who gave birth in transport while going for a routine check-up. The story was spread by The Sun, a medium that affirms that she was less than five minutes away when she went into labor and ended up giving birth in the taxi.

A few days later an invoice arrived.

The disappointment came days later, when he received a 60 pound bill or $68.34 extra per cleaning that the driver did to the vehicle after she gave birth. Cacanindin cataloged the bill as brazen collection and has shared her experience with The Sun.

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I understand that I made a mess, but it’s a bit cheeky to have charged me. It was the fastest delivery of my life. My water broke five minutes into the trip. The driver asked me if he wanted me to stop, but I told him to go ahead because I thought I’d get there before he was born.”, commented the woman.

It was surreal. I didn’t have a chance to be afraid. When we arrived at the hospital, the midwives were waiting for us and they were shocked. It was surreal. I had no chance to be scared”, added Cacanindin, who also indicated that her baby was wrapped in her jacket and then transferred to Stoke Mandeville hospital.

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