World 4×4 Diariomotor: Ocaña claims his first victim [EP2-11]

The second chapter of the 4×4 World Cup Diariomotor It is now available. A new batch of contenders for the best 4×4 in the world faces today in a battle that will have an unexpected outcome on the part of one of the competitors. Mercedes G-Class, Ford Ranger Raptor and Hyundai Tucson meet today in this new group stage, having to face three obstacles of increasing difficulty where their true off-road capabilities will be demonstrated. Do you already have your favorite?

Facing 4×4 heavyweights such as the Mercedes G-Class and the Ford Ranger Raptor will not be an easy challenge for the Hyundai TucsonHowever, throughout this world championship we will see crosses between all the participants and in the same obstacles, which will allow us to get to know each and every one of these cars in equal conditions. That said, as we saw in the first group stage, throughout this championship we will discover great surprises among the SUVs, and that is that under that appearance of family and urban cars, there are also good weapons to do 4×4.

Throughout this second episode we are going to see a very interesting confrontation, since we are facing three very different ways of approaching off-road driving. First the Mercedes G-Class offers the most luxurious and expensive vision of the SUV that we have in this world championshiprelying on a classic all-wheel drive scheme where reducer and triple differential lock appear.

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The Ford Ranger Raptor defends a very particular vision of the off-roader, since its approach is that of a pick-up designed to withstand off-road driving at full speedmaking use of the best suspension in the world, in addition to a 4×4 traction system with reducer and locking for the central and rear differentials.

3 cars that offer very different visions of 4×4, but that will fight each other

and we end with a Hyundai Tucson that, from the more urban and familiar approach of this three-way battle, presents us with an SUV – not an off-roader – but it boasts quite effective all-wheel drive and traction control.

Ready to see the result? There is a surprise and we already anticipate that it is not what you expect.

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