Yadea C1S Pro on test: amazing

We have already been able to test some of the Yadea brand electric scooters, which in Spain comes from the well-known Kymco. In our case we were able to “give the glove” to the most powerful version of the brand, the C1S Pro.

Before talking about my sensations behind the handlebars of the Yadea C1S Pro, let me comment above that it has a 6,000W water-cooled motor. this are 8.2hp of power, a figure far from the around 15Cv that other 125cc gasoline scooters can have. Have 2 driving modes, ECO and SPORT. The charging system is double, it can be charged in situ on the motorcycle or the battery can be removed from the vehicle to transport it to home or the office and charge it there.

Has a maximum speed of 80Km/h, which, if we understand that it is a scooter oriented to urban mobility, is more than enough. It also has a range of 77Km with both batteries charged (yes, it has a double battery) At the end of the test I will leave you the technical sheet and so I now go directly to tell the sensations, which is the important thing.

As we saw before, the 8.2Cv of power delivered by the C1S Pro are a ton as high as the around 15Cv that other 125cc gasoline scooters can have. But don’t let the difference in figures scare us, because at the sensation level, what is most noticeable is a forceful power delivery, very much left over for the city. The start from a standstill is done with very full lungs, even in Eco mode you can see that it has a forceful delivery. At the battery level, what I saw is that going out with both full and testing it with a very abrupt driving to look for the tickles, I did not lower them to any of the 2 throughout the morning from 65%, I expected at least that after so much acceleration and stop, adding the fact that half of the route I was carrying a package, it would have gone down more, even if it was 50%.

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Something that helps the battery not discharge as much or as quickly is the braking regeneration system. We will have to test the bike better and for a longer time to be able to analyze to what extent this system helps and also make us better at it.

With that of making us more of her, I open a topic that was perhaps one of the ones that most caught my attention. According to what I have been able to feel about the driving position throughout the morning that we were testing this model, I have noticed that it has not bothered me at all, however, I have felt that the feet were much higher than in other scooters . Despite this elevation, comfort was not affected, even less for short journeys, but it did not stop calling my attention.

Directly related to this we find that it is a motorcycle with a higher center of gravity than others, which leads to a more nervous agility. What I mean by this is that the bike’s reactions are quicker than I expected. Even at the end of the route he kept surprising me. I have a suspicion that this will make it a very “mouse trap” bike for the city and especially for traffic jams. I also suspect that with a bit of use, anyone can get used to that agility.

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Data sheet


  • side engine
  • Transmission: gears
  • Continuous power: 6.0 kW
  • Torque: 12.5Nm


  • Type: Ternary Lithium (NMC). removable
  • Capacity: 2,880Wh (2*72V 20Ah)
  • Weight: 11.5kg/pc
  • Charger: 12A standard
  • Recharging mode: battery on board or removed, via standard charger
  • Recharging time 2 batteries: 2 h 20-80% / 3 h 0-80% / 4 h 0-100%
  • Accommodation: platform interior
  • short circuit protection
  • Anti surge protection
  • overload protection
  • Over-discharge protection


  • Chassis: tubular steel
  • Swingarm: light alloy
  • Light alloy wheels: Front 2.15-12 / Rear. 2.15 -12
  • Tyres: Front. 90/90-12 Rear. 100/80-12
  • Pressure: Front 2.50 bar – Rear. 2.50 bar

Brakes and Suspension

  • Brakes: CBS and regenerative brake
  • Front disc: Ø 220 mm
  • Rear disc: Ø 180mm
  • Front suspension: telescopic fork Ø 30 mm
  • Front Travel: 57mm
  • Rear suspension: double adjustable hydraulic shock absorber
  • Rear Travel: 60mm

Places and storage

  • Number of places: 2
  • Seat: two-seater with handle
  • Easel: central and lateral
  • Compartment under the seat: capacity for a jet helmet
  • Glove compartment: compartment with lid and USB socket
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  • Dimensions: 1800 x 730 x 1195mm
  • Wheelbase: 1265mm
  • Mass in running order: 87 kg


  • Instrument cluster: monochrome LCD display
  • Speedometer: km/h – miles
  • Odometer: Total and partial ODO/TRIP
  • Driving modes: ECO and SPORT
  • Parking Mode P
  • Available battery charge indicator
  • Dual battery connection indicator
  • Cruise control
  • Battery overheat indicator
  • Current output indicator
  • Regenerative braking indicator


  • A1 / A2 / A
  • B > 3 years seniority

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