YangWang U9, a $145,000 Chinese electric supercar

YangWang U9, a $145,000 Chinese electric supercar

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YangWang, the electric vehicle brand surprised the world with the presentation of the U9, a battery powered supercar,

It is a performance model that integrates the design language “Gate of Time and Space” of the signature Its silhouette is low with two doors and complex aerodynamic components.

In front it has led headlights large, nose-hugging C-shapes for F1 styling that blends with Vents in the pronounced fenders. The splitter integrates wings and details in yellow, as well as on the side skirts and the rear diffuser.

There are also elements in black, such as those under the air intakes, which give it a two-tone finish. Also noteworthy is the transparent fin that comes out of the ventilated rear windshield.

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Yangwang U9 It has an acceleration capacity of 0 to 100 km/h of 2 seconds. BYD did not reveal power, but announced technology yisifang for its quad motor powertrain. A feature of the recent brand that are independently controlled.

In the Yangwang U8 those four electric motors will offer 1100hp combined, which means that for a lighter supercar that figure will easily be exceeded.

Yangwang U9 will be a production vehicle and will launch in China for more than ¥ 1,000,000 ($145,340).

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