“You are going to rob us live” two motochorros tried to rob a reporter while she was broadcasting live (+Video)

The moment when two criminals on a motorcycle tried to rob a reporter was recorded while the news was broadcast live.

Last Tuesday, October 25, two men on a motorcycle attempted to carry out a robbery against a journalistic team from the Teleamazonas who did a broadcast during the day from the Guayaquil Monumental Stadiumin Ecuador, the place where the final of the Libertadores Cup.

In this way, the communicator Vanessa Robles was doing a report on safety in surroundings of the sports complex when the two men on a motorcycle approached her with the intention of stealing.

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“We are live. Are you going to rob us live? It was the journalist’s quick claim for the subjects who were hooded, and when they were caught by the cameras they fled.

The reporter explained that the subjects had drawn a firearmbut when they were discovered they hid it.

after the fact, several police officers went to the area and after a brief chase they failed to catch the criminals.

“We feel what the citizen feels when going out into the street and listening to the sound of the motorcycle, nervousness and fear because we lack security”, the journalist said after the incident.

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