YouTuber Destroys New $109k GMC Hummer EV After 9 Mile Drive (+VIDEO)

The youtuber Mondiwrecked a new van GMC Hummer EV valued at US$ 109k after 9 miles of having shot it.

GMC Hummer EV is destroyed at 9 miles

The GMC Hummer EV it’s a very tough off-road truck that’s not idiot-proof. Here is a video of how one of these units was destroyed.

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The youtuber took the keys to the truck in its first edition. He recorded the event at a local dealership, after leaving the establishment the emotion overcame him.

After trying the powerful ‘Watts to Freedom’ launch control system of the truck, with which it reaches 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 3 seconds, Mondi took the truck to a gravel area to test its off-road capabilities.


In the process the youtuber crashed the truck into a large ditch. The force of the crash ruptured the radiator and damaged the passenger-side rear wheel, snapping the axle.

To then start various parts of the lower area of ​​the unit, with just 9 miles of travel.

We’ll see what your insurer will tell you. Although it may be possible to repair it, nothing will come of it economically.

Surely next time you will think about it before inventing with a newly purchased and high value car.

You have to wait for the reactions of Internet users on your channel Youtube about.

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