Zenvo TSR-GT is revealed with 1,360 HP and 263 MPH of maximum speed (+ IMAGES)

The model Zenvo TSR-GT is revealed and has 1,360 HP and 263 MPH top speed. Produced by the brand Zenvo Automotive.

Zenvo TSR-GT

Danish sports car manufacturer Zenvo Automotive showed the wild active spoiler of his TSR-S long time. Currently the TSR-GT comes with a fixed rear wing being the line that activates the range ST granting high speed and low resistance.


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Modifications give the highest possible speed to the model. Along with aerodynamic updates, including a larger rear wing and aero wheel disc cover.

The TSR-GT It comes with a more powerful engine. The twin supercharged V8 engine has a displacement of 5.8 liters and generates 1,360 horsepower, is compatible with the E85 fuelachieving an extra 183 hp when compared to the power in the Standard TSR-S.

It has a larger final drive for internal helical cut hitch transmission, achieving an electronically controlled top speed of 263 mph (424 km/h). The TSR-S, for track, topped out at 202 mph (325 km/h).

It has a bare carbon fiber interior that gives the cabin a more sober and elegant design upholstered in various types of leather. Zenvo has new velor floor mats (with a leather trim) that minimize noise.

The GT goes behind the TSR original 2016 track and hypercars TS1 GT and TSR-S they are following them. The latter is still in production.

A new model is expected for the third quarter of next year. Zenvo has indicated that it will use a V12 engine with twin electric turbochargers to generate 1,200 hp, along with an electric motor of combined output at 1,500 hp or 1,800 hp.

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