2018 Toyota Alphard

2018 Toyota Alphard

2018 Toyota Alphard is one of those funny and almost weird mini-vans that we love so much. Not only that they are attractive and unique, but they usually have large cargo space, a lot of space for the passengers, and surely one of the most comfortable cabins. Although buyers have not expected that Toyota will make these vans anymore, it seems that they are attractive enough for continuation on the market.


2018 Toyota Alphard auto show

As we said, 2018 Toyota Alphard has very attractive and interesting exterior design. Its wide but short front end in combination with flat roof and trunk door that make cubic shape is surely one of the most popular on this model. There is the same extremely high mesh chromatic grille on the front and wide LED front lights with LED lines on the sides of the front bumper instead of fog lights. The van is very high for extra space inside.


2018 Toyota Alphard interior

Not only that 2018 Toyota Alphard has one of the most spacious cabins on the market, with almost the most comfortable seats that mini-van can have. Thanks to special foam under the seats, they adjust to passenger’s body and their traveling is much more comfortable. Besides that, the manufacturer put white leather on the seats in higher trim and very attractive and modern dashboard, divided into three parts. Technology is very rich in this vehicle, with numerous USB/AUX ports, Bluetooth connectivity, rearview camera and advanced security features.

  • The van has extremely large cargo space and roomy cabin with comfortable seats,
  • Alphard has three functional engines.
  • The price is higher than on larger trucks with stronger engines,
  • The design of this truck seems a little weird and unattractive.


2018 Toyota Alphard offers three engines as optional. There are two versions of 2.5-liter petrol engine, once with 180 horsepower and the second one with 275 hp horsepower of strength. However, the most interesting engine is the strongest, 3.5-liter with 376 horsepower, almost the same as on Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Supra. Those engines have the lowest fuel economy in class, even 30.1 mpg, which is much more competitive than in other models.

Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase (mm.) 2950
Length (mm.) 4,945
Height (mm.) 1,895
Width (mm.) 1,850
Engine And Transmission
Engine type V6
Displacement  2.5, 3.5, VVT-i Engine (Alphard Hybrid)
Power/torque 152hp @5,700 – 182 hp @6,000, 300hp @6,600
Fuel consumption combined (l/100km): 10.5 km/L, 11.5 km/L (Alphard 250), 18.9 km/L (JC08) (Alphard Hybrid)
Curb weight (kg) 1910-1995
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 2520
PRICE RANGE: base $27,000 to $80,000 for Hybrid version

2018 Toyota Alphard back

2018 Toyota Alphard Prices

2018 Toyota Alphard comes as refreshment for the boring and neglected market of mini-vans in right time, but there are few disappointments which could affect on future buyers’ interest. However, the base price of $27,000 put the model in the class with much more attractive large trucks, like Toyota Tacoma, Tundra Diesel, and Toyota RAV4 that also have stronger engines.

We hope to have provided you with all the information that you were looking for about new 2018 Toyota Alphard. For more news, information, and trends related to the Toyota Cars and Trucks feel free to check out the other sections on our website!

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