2018 Toyota Auris

2018 Toyota Auris

2018 Toyota Auris is keep struggling with high market demands, especially for the large SUVs and mini-vans and somehow survives all temptations with every new model. However, replacing the old Corolla, the subject of ridicule on TV Shows in 2007 and then having 2015 a new practical 1.2-liter model in 2015 with CVT automatic transmission Auris got new fresh look and interest. It sounds sad if Corolla replaces it again in the future, but we believe that will not happen.


2018 Toyota Auris review

One of the most attractive in 2018 Toyota Auris is its small size, which surely helps in city driving and daily traffic problems. It remains short recognizable thin grille and air intake below it with thin front lights above it. The rear end is short and has few lines as decoration with thin rear lights on the sides.


2018 Toyota Auris interior

When is the interior of 2018 Toyota Auris is about, the manufacturer has not made much-complicated cabin to be very difficult for users. That includes a wide but functional dashboard, decorated with chromatic details and light gray plastic. The center cluster has a large touchscreen and numerous buttons and commands. However, the cabin is old-fashioned and simple, but attractive enough for this type of the car. That is much different from the first curved dashboard designed for the 2007 model and has updated technology.

  • Auris has very comfortable and roomy cabin (in spite of the small size of the car),
  • Auris has also very rich safety system and great safety performances.
  • Driving of Auris has not caused much satisfaction and excitement,
  • Quality of the car is not at the very high level.


2018 Toyota Auris has expectedly small and practical engine. It is well-known small 1.2-liter petrol unit that increases the speed of 60 mph for 10 seconds, which is an average time in the class. Toyota knows how economical this engine is; they already used it in Toyota Avensis and Toyota Yaris. As if that is not enough, they considered of placing a 1.8-liter hybrid model and possible diesel version, assuming that this model remains on the market for years to come.

Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase (mm.) 2600
Length (mm.) 4330
Height (mm.) 1475
Width (mm.) 1760
Engine And Transmission
Engine type Petrol Engine, Hybrid
Displacement 1.2 Turbo, 1.8-liter hybrid
Power/torque 115 hp hp to 136 hp
Fuel consumption combined (l/100km):  4.8 l/100 km
Curb weight 1,270 kg (2,800 lb)
Gross Weight Limit N/A
PRICE RANGE: base GX – $15,000 to $26,000

2018 Toyota Auris back

2018 Toyota Auris Prices

2018 Toyota Auris satisfied all expectations that one of the small car drivers can have. However, it is not that much attractive and interesting that we should expect from the small cars like this. The price of around $15,000 should be good enough to attract younger buyers, and that price puts it on the shelf with Toyota Avensis and Toyota Yaris.

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