2018 Toyota Avensis

2018 Toyota Avensis

2018 Toyota Avensis is popular as modern small and cute sedan that easily can be used for small families and city driving. However, some people describe it as boring and maybe too simple for people used to see high luxury large cars that manufacturer make nowadays, so it is hard to predict if it will be attractive for buyers in the future. To be honest, it has low price and great fuel economy on its side to attract buyers.


2018 Toyota Avensis side

As we said, 2018 Toyota Avensis cannot boast design, and buyers will mostly describe it as a boring car. It has its recognizable rhomboidal grille with a metallic sheet in the middle and thin front lights on the sides of the front bumper. The rear end, on the other hand, has a simple truck door and irregularly shaped rear lights, with few curved lines on it. Otherwise, the car is simply shaped with a sloped roof and long trunk door. The car is decorated with chromatic lines on the doors and windows.


2018 Toyota Avensis interior

The cabin in 2018 Toyota Avensis is functional and comfortable together with modernity, but also simplicity in design. The wide dashboard has a large touchscreen in the center with only a few small buttons below it and old-fashioned air vents. The steering wheel and other parts of the cabin are designed to be functional before all. Since Avensis is a not much large car, the cabin is also small and maybe tight for five passengers, so do not buy it for family weekend traveling.

  • Avensis is a reliable and simple car that will not disappoint any buyer,
  • It has the simple and economic engine and average fuel economy.
  • Unfortunately, Avensis is maybe too simple and has no many attractive details.


The engine in the base model of 2018 Toyota Avensis is simple and economical 1.8-liter petrol model that Toyota put in Toyota Yaris. However, there are two more options, for those who like diesel engines. Those are 2.0-liter and 2.2-liter diesel engines, slightly stronger but also economical. All engines should be paired with CVT automatic transmission, proven as the best in this combination. Those who have driven this car said that it is very easy for driving and handling and has good safety equipment.

Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase (mm.) 2700
Length (mm.) 4750
Height (mm.) 1480
Width (mm.) 1810
Engine And Transmission
Engine type 4 CYLINDER, IN LINE
Displacement 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.2liter
Power/torque 132 hp to 140 hp
EPA mileage estimates 30 city / 40 highway
Gross Vehicle Weight – Total (kg) 2020
Towing Capacity (kg) 500
PRICE RANGE: base GX – $18,600 to $27,000

2018 Toyota Avensis back

2018 Toyota Avensis Prices

2018 Toyota Avensis is reliable, safety and a comfortable family car that is possible to buy for the price of $18,600 or even less, if we put the price is calculation Toyota Camry comes to reflexion too. That makes this car very attractive to buyers, but keep in mind that it is not that modern and well designed as cars made from the competition, this is not Toyota’s best work.

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