2018 Toyota GT86

2018 Toyota GT86

2018 Toyota GT86 is a continuation of the well-known sporty model that has not undergone much change from the last model and remains the same popularity and interest with this version which is it known too. There are few falls that fans pointed out to, but let’s say that it is very modern for the average buyer.


2018 Toyota GT86 review

The design of the 2018 Toyota GT86 has not significantly changed from the last few versions, which could be boring for some buyers. There is recognizable wide mesh air intake on the bottom of the front bumper and wide LED lights, while the rear end has short and slightly curved trunk door and thin rear lights with a spoiler on the top. There are some rumors that maybe we can expect GT86 Convertible version too.


2018 Toyota GT86 interior

The cabin in 2018 Toyota GT86 is cone-like small and tight in the rear row, as we used to see in sporty cars. That is why some fans do not recommend the model for four-passengers driving, but only for two people. However, the cabin is quite modernly designed, with quality fabric in the base model and leather on the seats in higher trims, 7.0-inch touchscreen, and rich infotainment system with it. Some fans said that the new GT86 has poor safety system for a sporty car, but seats are comfortable and have an adjustable function, like in Toyota Avensis.

  • GT86 has well-known and recognizable sporty design.
  • The engine and driving performances are above the average in the class.
  • Equipment and devices in the cabin are acceptable in this car class.
  • Even though GT86 is a sporty car it is too rigid at high speed.
  • Besides the average engine, GT86 simply has poor safety system for the class.


2018 Toyota GT86 offers only one engine option and that is 2.0-liter four-in-line with 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque that Toyota already used in Toyota Supra. It is matched with the six-speed manual transmission, but buyers are able to choose an automatic transmission too and give up 5 horsepower of strength. The car is driven on rear wheels only and those who drove it said that the rear wheels are too hard and firm for a sporty car. Although buyers do not expect low fuel consumption on sporty cars, fuel consumption in GT86 is maybe too high even for a sporty car.

Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase 101.2
Length (in.) 166.7
Height 69.9
Width 50.6
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) (lb.) 3682
Engine And Transmission
Engine type 4 Cylinder Horizontally Opposed
Displacement 2.0L
Power/torque 205hp @ 7000 rpm
  1. Short-throw 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission
  2. Electronically Controlled automatic Transmission
0-60 mph 6.4 sec
Top speed 136 mph
PRICE RANGE: $27,000 starting, $35,000 dealers

2018 Toyota GT86 back

2018 Toyota GT86 Prices

2018 Toyota GT86 is among the average sporty cars and surely one of the acceptable expensive cars in the class. The price of $27,000 should be paid if you are willing to drive standard model with fabric on the seats and very poor equipment in the cabin. With all equipment, the number goes to the $35,000.

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