2020 Toyota Mirai

2020 Toyota Mirai

2020 Toyota Mirai brings something new in sedan class. It should be a car fully driven by the electric engine. That is not exactly new for this class, but surely represents an improvement from the usual hybrid vehicles that we know for. According to the manufacturer, the model that we saw for the first time in 2014 is still in the factory, waiting for upgrades and changes that futuristic cars need.

  • Great new fully electric engine.
  • Modern and futuristic design.
  • The car is not much different from other models in class.
  • It is not known how the equipment will be changed.


2020 Toyota Mirai Front

According to the manufacturer, we should not expect that 2020 Toyota Mirai will change a lot from other sedans made in Toyota, like Toyota Camry. There is the great shape of the front end and short but massive the rear one, along with the lowered position of the car. If you like the Toyota Corolla, you will like this wide car, too.


2020 Toyota Mirai interior

We can only describe the past year’s models’ cabin and assume that 2020 Toyota Mirai will not change it a lot even with the new engine. According to the previous model, the cabin is comfortable and roomy, with quality fabric or leather on the seats and surely important enjoyment for the passengers inside. In hybrid and electric cars is always expected to be found futuristic details and modern design.

Dimensions And Weight
Height (in.) 60.5
Width, Max w/o mirrors (in.) 71.5
Length (in.) 192.5
Wheelbase (in.) 109.4
Base Curb Weight (lbs) 4075
Engine And Transmission
Engine Order Code N/A
Transmission Type 1
Power/torque 153hp 114-kilowatts
Gas Mileage 66 mpg City/66 mpg Hwy
0-60 mph 9 sec
Top speed N/A
PRICE RANGE: $57,000 – Lease: 349 month


2020 Toyota Mirai rear

Even though hybrid engines already exist on the market, the new 2020 Toyota Mirai will obviously get something improved in that field. The manufacturer has not been very talkative about that, so we are not sure what it actually presumes. As they clearly said, it will be a full cell electric vehicle (FCEV), meaning a car driven on the fully hybrid engine.

They plan to increase production from 10,000 annually to even 30,000 changing the habits and expectations of the buyers. It means that the engine must provide energy, speed, and useful long driving.

2020 Toyota Mirai Release Date and Price

For all these changes that the manufacturer is planning to make in 2020 Toyota Mirai, the most important is changing the location of the factory where the model will be made. According to them, the old factory in Toyota City called Honsha Plant goes to another area Miyoshi City and the factory will be called Shimoyama Plant.

This new space allows making special hydrogen tanks under pressure that no one factory in the world makes. However, expect Mirai very soon on the market, so before the end of 2019, it could be right in front of us. It will be a great addition to the current hybrid models’ class and surely good resolution for the environment protection.

Nobody can be sure how much the new model will cost, bearing in mind all changes in the engine, but expect at least $30,000 for the base number.

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