2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser

2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser

The Japanese carmaker introduced a series of interesting concept cars recently. One of them was Tj Cruiser, which was presented last year, as a concept of a modern urban crossover, designed primarily for youngsters. After some time of questioning its potential, the company’s management has decided to start preparations for serial production, according to the latest reports.

It looks like this will happen pretty soon, which indicates that the production model won’t feature too may change compared to the concept version. Same reports also suggest its arrival sometime late in the year.

  • Spacious and practical cabin
  • Plenty of cargo space
  • Distinctive look
  • Efficient hybrid powertrain
  • Potentially high price
  • Still waits for the confirmation


2020 Toyota TJ Cruiser front

When it comes to the exterior design, the latest reports suggest that the new model won’t go far away from the concept version. In practice, this means a super-boxy shape, which closely resembles Scion xB, which was also designed to bring Toyota to young drivers.

The design language is completely different from everything we’ve seen from this carmaker so far, with the front end that looks more like a medium duty truck than a modern crossover. On the other side, things are pretty common under the skin. The new 2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser will ride on a new TNGA platform. This means it won’t be much different than models like RAV4, in terms of mechanics.


2020 Toyota TJ Cruiser interior

Just like the exterior, the interior design of this crossover will also be very distinctive. We are about to see a cabin that is both stylish and functional. The dashboard will look fancy, in order to attract millennials and other young drivers.

Also, count on a long list of gadgetries and other tech goodies. On the other side, the 2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser will also be very practical and functional. Due to its super boxy shape, you can count on plenty of headroom in the second row and, more importantly, extremely functional cargo area, which will allow accommodation of large objects as well.

Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase 269 cm
Length (in.) 4.67 cm
Height  71.3 in (1,811 mm)
Overall width 74.6 in (1,895 mm)
Ground clearance N/A
Engine And Transmission
Engine type N/A
Displacement 2.0 liter
Power/torque 180hp @ 3400rpm
Estimated mpg 15mpg
0-60 mph N/A
Top speed N/A


2020 Toyota TJ Cruiser side

If we can rely on reports that circulate on the internet, the 2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser will come with a hybrid powertrain. We count on a new system that is based on a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and delivers around 180 horsepower. Besides a hybrid powertrain, the new crossover should be available with gasoline engine too. We count on both atmospheric and turbocharged four-cylinder engines, as well as on the company’s new 8-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser Release Date and Price

Unofficial reports suggest that the 2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser could arrive late in the year. However, we are still waiting to hear something from the officials. Same goes for the price.

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  1. Thank you for all the latest info on the TJ Cruiser. I really do hope Toyota put this C😎L TJ Cruiser into production soon , not just for me but for the hundreds of thousands of peoples who just don’t know that they want one to buy one also.

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