2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible

2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible

The next generation of this small sports car has been confirmed and it will come in about two years. We are about to see a completely new design of the car that is characterized by great performances and overall driving experience. The new model will bring things to the next level, as we are about to see not just a coupe version, but the 2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible as well. At this point, this version is just a rumor, but many reliable sources claim this model will actually happen.

  • Brand-new model.
  • Great driving experience.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Possible optional AWD.
  • It could cost more than you would expect.
  • Tough to beat Mazda Miata.


2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Exterior

In terms of the exterior design, we are still waiting for more details. While some reports suggest this will be a genuine roadster, a direct rival to Mazda Miata, others claim we are about to see Targa roof or something like that. In any case, the new model will come heavily based on the standard coupe version. in terms of the styling, we expect a lot of inspiration to be taken from the new Supra.

This includes not just the similar front end, but all those curvy lines as well. Mechanically, the new model should be based on the company’s new TNGA platform, while some reports suggest a new modular platform from Subaru.


2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Interior

In this aspect, we expect no surprises. Other than the lack of a roof, the new version will feature pretty much the same cabin design as the standard coupe model. We still don’t have details about the new interior layout, but we may presume that the new dashboard will also be driver-oriented, just like in the current model. Of course, we count on loads of new tech features, but the cabin shouldn’t feature too many unnecessary details.


2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Engine

Another big novelty for this redesign will come under the hood. We are about to see a new, bigger and more powerful engine compared to the current 2.0-liter unit. Both coupe and convertible models will feature Subaru’s new 2.4-liter turbo-four, according to the latest reports. This engine is quite efficient, as it features a pretty impressive max output that goes around 260 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. We presume that both manual and automatic gearbox will be in the offer. Also, we won’t be surprises if we see Subaru’s famous 4×4 system.

2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Release Date and Price

At this point, we know that the new generation of the coupe version is about to come in about two years. On the other side, the 2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible still waits for the official confirmation. When it comes to the price, some reports suggest that the base version could go around $30,000.

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