2021 Toyota Mirai

2021 Toyota Mirai

The Japanese manufacturer has been an industry pioneer in so many ways, but this car deserves a special place. The first production hydrogen fuel cell car has been around for some time and although it seems the world still isn’t ready for it, it proves that this is the future of the automotive industry. Currently sold in California, a couple of European countries and a few more places in the world, it is about to carry on in the same way for the next year. We expect to see 2021 Toyota Mirai with a familiar design and features, without major changes.

  • Zero emissions.
  • Comfortable ride.
  • Loads of safety features.
  • Recharging takes only five minutes.
  • High price tag.
  • Lack of infrastructure for such vehicles.



Of course, the most interesting part of this sedan is its powertrain. Things are pretty familiar here. There is a 151-hp electric motor that gets electricity directly from a fuel cell that is generated in the trunk. This car features a range of 300 miles and can be recharged in just about five minutes. Still, the best thing about it is that the only emission is actually water.
Given the max output, you may presume that the Mirai isn’t a particularly fast car. Still, it manages to get to 60 in about 8.9 seconds, which is more than enough for a convenient ride.


In terms of the exterior design, we don’t expect to see changes in the 2021 Toyota Mirai. It should continue in the same way, which means a quite attractive design. Despite that there is a lot of details that clearly indicate that this is a hydrogen fuel cell car, it actually features a lot of attractive lines. Most of them are sharp and although the Mirai doesn’t necessarily follow Toyota’s latest design language, it somehow delivers all that Toyota flavor.


Those who know how Prius models usually look like will find Mirai’s cabin pretty familiar. A lot of design solutions have been taken directly from the famous hybrid car, including the dashboard design, which looks quite similar. The overall interior quality looks pretty good and the thing we like about this sedan is that the cabin is actually pretty spacious and comfortable.

The cargo area is also pretty big. Also, we like the fact that there is a long list of safety features. This includes automated emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane-keeping assist, automatic high-beam headlamps, road-sign recognition, and adaptive cruise control, which are all standard features.

2021 Toyota Mirai Release Date and Price

We presume that the 2021 Toyota Mirai will come sometime late in the next year. When it comes to the price, the current model goes around $59,500 and we don’t expect bigger changes in the future.

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