CH – Conaf plane that was fighting a fire collapsed in Hualqui and the pilot survived the fall

Conaf plane crashed in Hualqui
Image courtesy of Biobiochile – Conaf plane crashed in Hualqui

A Conaf plane (National Forestry Corporation) fighting a fire collapsed in the commune of Hualqui, Bío Bío region in Chile. The plane is an Air Tractor 802-A model that capped in the rural area of ​​Chamizal, and that, according to sources, the causes of the crash are being investigated.

Fortunately, the pilot in charge of the plane survived the impact and is currently in good health. The 51-year-old man is a Conaf official named Rodolfo Sosa, who has been fighting fires since 1988.

According to the institution through a statement, the man moved from the scene of the events to the Carriel Sur airport, where an ambulance took him to the Andes Salud de Concepción clinic.

Conaf plane collapsed while fighting fire

Rodrigo Jara, who is the regional director of Conaf, assured that the pilot is in good health, and that he has some minor injuries.

Conaf plane crashed in Hualqui
Image courtesy of Musica y Noticias – Conaf plane crashed in Hualqui

«I was able to make contact with him, telling me that he had chest discomfort. At this time, the staff of the care center are evaluating his health status, “he said.

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Carolina Tohá, the Minister of the Interior, determined that “the injuries that he has are fundamentally in the torso, they are discomforts that have not yet been identified of their origin.”

In addition, the authorities assured that there were no other people injured at the same time that there was no damage to infrastructure as a consequence of the accident.

Image courtesy of TVU – Conaf plane crashed in Hualqui

The General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) will be the institution in charge of investigating the causes of this accident. More information on the facts is awaited.

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