If by chance you have a hand-broken V12 engine, now you can give it a second life by hand (+ video)

We know that it is not usual to have a dilapidated V12 engine in the garage or storage room of our house, but in case the situation arises, here we bring you something that may interest you. And it is that as staunch petrolheads that we consider you, dear readers, we are sure that you not only like cars, but also everything that surrounds them. This involves automotive decoration, and what’s more petrolhead than a table made from a V12 engine in a completely homemade way? We already anticipate that no.

The same has been done by Wesly Kagan, who, by chance in life, had stowed away in his garage a V12 sourced from Mercedes-Benz, specifically an M137. And it is that after it traveled more than 240,000 kilometers, our protagonist not only decided to give it a second life, but also to put the final result on sale.

This is the table with a V12 engine that can end up in your living room

But the most interesting thing is not the process itself, which is also very revealing when doing the same project on our own, but the fact that Kagan has kept the pistons so they keep moving. And it is that, without a doubt, that is one of the main charms of this table with a V12 engine, a type of creation that is not uncommon in the different automobile auction portals.

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Thus, and in addition to creating some wooden supports for the motor and therefore for the table itself, attaches a small electric motor to the crankshaft. Thanks to this, the pistons continue to move, although in a much slower way and the mere purpose of adding an extra point to a table made from a motor.

But if by some chance you don’t have a V12 in your garage -which we assume is the most normal thing- and you don’t feel comfortable enough disassembling an engine and making creations with wood, you can always buy the table that Wesley kagan has made. Specifically through eBay, where the bid for the same is, at the time we write these words, at $2,000.

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