Spain: Driver goes down the stairs with his car on a street in Cuenca (+Video)

In Cuenca, Spain, the orography is complicated, this is so due to the steep streets and slopes to connect with the lower zone Y new in town.

A clear example is the paju city street, whose stairs unite the neighborhood of Los Moralejos with Four ways, place where this Sunday an unusual event was recorded.

The inhabitants of said place witnessed how a driver He decided to take a shortcut, that is to say, in a straight line.

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A viral video posted by Social Drive shows a motorist, it is not known if directed by his GPS or by impatience, down the steep flight of stairs in the car.

It is also worth mentioning that Ciudad de Paju street is separated by a railing in the center so it has to pass almost brushing the wall until it reaches flat ground.

The video circulates on social networks and WhatsApp groups, with comments, mostly humorous, highlighting the driver’s skill.

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