The latest from Mercadona is aimed at your electric car, but it will no longer be free

To date, many shopping centers and supermarkets offer chargers to supply our electric or PHEV, but in a modest way. That is to say, offering chargers of 3 kW of power or similar to be able to obtain a few kilometers of autonomy while we make our purchase. But the situation wants to change thanks to large stores like Mercadona, who will install 5,000 22 kW power chargers after facing an investment of 21 million euros, but what price will its users have to face?

And it is that while the basic 3.7 kW chargers did not have any cost -although after half an hour they stop supplying electricity-, the same will not happen with these new points. Specifically, the semi-fast charging network courtesy of Juan Roig will imply a disbursement of 0.25 euros per kWha figure that, how is it positioned against the competition?

Mercadona wants to conquer the electric chargers sector

Although it is true that many of the large electric charger companies offer considerably higher powers, the price for 22 kW loads is, as a general rule, higher than that offered by Mercadona. Specifically, charging at said power with Endesa X requires a payment of 0.35 euros per kWh; with Iberdrola 0.45 euros per kWh; with Zunder 0.20 euros per kWh; with Repsol 0.35 euros per kWh and with EDP 0.39 euros per kWh. However, every company offers subscription plans that can significantly reduce the price of charging.

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But how will it work with Mercadona? At the moment, the Spanish supermarket chain has not launched a loyalty program to be able to lower the cost of cargo in its centers along with other benefits, although it would not be unreasonable for a system to be created in the not too distant future. In this way, for the moment we will have to start, stop and pay the load through the applications of Iberdrola or Repsol, who act as suppliers.

However, it must be borne in mind that not all Mercadonas will have a 22 kW charger, or at least not at the moment. And it is that it has been the supermarket network itself that has shared a list with those places where they will be presentkeeping in the rest the 3.7 kW chargers that were known to date and that, until further notice, will not undergo any change in power or use policy.

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Be that as it may, this implementation of 5,000 chargers by 2024 means that Mercadona will become one of the largest private charging networks for electric cars, not only in Spain, but also in southern Europe. Even so, the supermarket firm has not yet clarified the use policy, since, even if you pay to use these chargers, It is not known if one should be making the purchase while the car is being charged or, on the contrary, we can go exclusively to supply it.

Regardless of this, what is clear is that this move by Mercadona has opened the ban, since other companies such as Decathlon have announced that they will also install chargers in their centers. However, in this case there will be more options, allowing your customers to charge at 22, 50 and 150 kW.

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