These are all the car commercials for the 2023 Super Bowl (+ Images and videos)

Car commercials and teaser for the Super Bowl 2023
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Car commercials and teaser for Super Bowl 2023

Super Bowl LVII is just around the corner, and as always advertisers have taken the opportunity to promote, so some car manufacturers have decided to invest for an ad in the Big Game. And while this may not be the main attraction, if you’re a car fanatic and just can’t wait for the game, here we bring you the car commercials for super bowl 2023.

General Motors: Why not an electric vehicle?

GM is pushing hard toward an electric future, and advertising during the Super Bowl is certainly a way to get some EV exposure. That’s what we get in this fast-paced commercial featuring the funny Will Ferrell, showcasing various electric vehicles across different shows available on Netflix. In addition to partnering with Netflix for the announcement, some shows on the streaming platform will feature GM electric vehicles in the future.

You can see the GMC Hummer EV, the GMC Sierra EV, the chevrolet blazer evhe Chevrolet Silverado EV and the Cadillac Lyric at various points in the ad, all piloted by Ferrell in various film backgrounds.

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Kia: Daddy Binky

In the commercial, she’s shown about to check into a hotel for a glorious family getaway when she realizes the baby’s favorite pacifier isn’t there. For those who don’t know, binky is a pacifier, and the determined dad in this commercial will stop at nothing to get it. So she gets on a Kia Telluride and embarks on an adventure to get the pacifier without delay, garnering the attention of an entire nation in the process.

It’s a cheeky commercial, but it’s a struggle that might resonate with parents who have found themselves with a fussy baby. The commercial ends on a cliffhanger that will be resolved with multiple endings posted on TikTok.

Jeep 4xe: Parking place

What happens with Jeep and the Super Bowl remains a mystery, as the official commercial has yet to be released. Which is to say, we think it hasn’t been released yet: A video of the Jeep 4xe surfaced without context on Jeep’s YouTube channel on February 7, but there’s no mention of the game. That alone isn’t ironclad proof, but then Jeep shared a bizarre sneak peek showing a flamingo “audition” tape for a commercial, saying it was one animal that didn’t make the cut.

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  • GM Launches Netflix-Inspired Car Commercial for Super Bowl 2023: Weathertech To Also Advertise In-Game
  • GM and Netflix Partner to Promote EVs; It all starts with the Super Bowl ad.
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Car commercials and teaser for Super Bowl 2023

A flamingo wouldn’t fit in with a pair of snow-covered Jeeps looking for a parking spot, but the sneak peek also calls this potential audition “Jeep 4xe Big Game.” And the video features two 4xe models exclusively, so it could be connected to Jeep’s Super Bowl ad. We’ll know for sure at the two-minute warning for the first half of the game on Sunday, since that’s when the commercial is scheduled to air.


Car commercials and teaser for the Super Bowl 2023
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Car commercials and teaser for Super Bowl 2023

Ram also leaves with a mystery on his hands. According to a Stellantis press release, a 60-second Ram Super Bowl commercial will air early in the fourth quarter. We haven’t heard any further on the matter, but Ram has announced the name of its upcoming full-size electric pickup: the Ram 1500 Rev. A teaser photo was also posted.

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The timing of the announcement falls conveniently close to the Super Bowl. So this could be a preview of the Ram’s Big Game commercial. Although we must wait to find out.

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