Toyota’s big hybrid surprise might not be an SUV or sports car, but its best and oldest 4×4

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been on the market for years, proving to be one of the best 4x4s in the world, and although it has been updated for decades to adapt to new times, as the Land Cruiser 300 clearly demonstrates, the legendary 70 series of the Land Cruiser has established itself as the favorite 4×4 worldwideespecially in less developed countries. For this reason, Toyota not only has no intention of stopping manufacturing the Land Cruiser 70, but rather they are lowering all sorts of mechanical options in order to keep it alive.

Given the objective of reducing emissions that is being imposed in different markets globally, the sale of cars like the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 seems to have its days numbered… or not. This popular all-rounder launched in 1984 has survived to this day, staying true to the original recipe.with slight improvements and updates, but without altering its philosophy as a 4×4 where robustness, simplicity and reliability prevail above all.

But times change, and although Toyota refuses to stop manufacturing the Land Cruiser 70 given the commercial success that it still has in different markets, it does consider trying new formulas. We must look at the Australian market to discover that Toyota has stopped accepting orders for the Land Cruiser 70. Given this situation and after asking the brand, Toyota assured that the use of more efficient engines than the one used to date, a 4.5 V8 diesel, is not ruled out.pointing to a reduction in cylinders and even, why not, a new electrified engine that allows the model’s emissions to be drastically reduced.

The Land Cruiser, even in its most modern versions, is one of the few Toyota models that still resists hybridization

Without confirmation for the moment about this movement, the rumors about the hybridization of the Land Cruiser 70 are not exactly new, since Toyota has been working for some time on how to ensure the survival of the model and The use of a hybrid system based on the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine is becoming more and more popular.. This mechanism, which already has a long commercial history in the manufacturer, would be capable of replacing the diesel engine in terms of performance, however would have the difficult task of proving its ability to tackle the toughest treatment off-roading can demandin addition to convince a demanding audience that is looking for maximum simplicity and reliability in the Land Cruiser 70.

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