Yes, they are 26,000 euros of hybrid SUV, but it is the last chance to get it at that price and without tricks

These days are not the ideal scenario to think about buying a cheap car, but when a good opportunity arises, perhaps the most sensible thing to do is not to hesitate too much. And this is demonstrated by cars like the hybrid Hyundai Kona, variant of the Korean SUV that costs 26,040 euros, a figure that is not especially low but that makes it one of the most logical options of the moment. The best of all? Which is a price without any trick on the part of the Korean firm.

And it is that while the financing can make the total disbursement in installments considerably increase the initial figure, today we find a cash payment. In addition to the fact that we may never see a light hybrid Kona again for 26,000 euros, a price that will become more expensive with the entry into the market of the new generation.

This is the Hyundai Kona with an ECO label that can be ours for just over 26,000 euros

But to get the Hyundai Kona for 26,040 euros it is necessary to stick to a specific configuration, otherwise the payment will increase. In this way, the engine to choose must be the 1.0 TGDI mild-hybrid hand in hand with the Maxx finishwhich settles as the access equipment level, but it is not negligible for that.

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Specifically, we find equipment made up of 16-inch wheels, LED lights, automatic climate control, 10.25-inch digital dashboard, cruise control, rear parking camera and 8-inch screen with connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Car among others.

As far as mechanics is concerned, the Hyundai Kona that concerns us today boasts a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine supercharged by a turbo that produces 120 hp and 172 Nm of torque. Its management is carried out by means of a six-speed manual gearbox, and the computation allows a 0 to 100 in 11.9 seconds and a top speed of 180 km/h. These are discrete figures, but they are offset by a WLTP combined consumption of 5.5 liters per 100as well as the presence of the ECO label thanks to the 48 V mild-hybrid system that it hides in its bowels.

Now, does Hyundai have any requirements when it comes to letting us take home a hybrid Kona for 26,040 euros? The truth is that no since this is the spot price of the Korean SUV. However, it must be clarified that we can enjoy a discount of 3,450 euros as long as we take advantage of financing that, after interest, will cause the total price in installments to be 32,478.15 euros.

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And what happens if we opt for a non-hybrid variant of the Hyundai Kona or want to go further with the HEV? In the first case, in that of a Kona with the same 120 hp 1.0 but without micro-hybrid technology, we find a cash price of 23,590 euros, although with the disadvantage of higher consumption and losing the ECO label. And if we opt for the 141 hp Hyundai Kona hybrid HEV, the outlay to be made -also in cash- amounts to 29,290 euros.

This way, we believe that the intermediate option may be the most logical Not only because of the price, but also because it offers us the possibility of enjoying the ECO label -increasingly important in these times- and really contained consumption together with a very complete standard equipment. No, 26,040 euros is not a low figure, but attractive enough in these days of inflation to not miss the opportunity to acquire a very decent car and that has the approval of increasingly strict anti-pollution laws.

The Hyundai Kona in What car do I buy?

Now, it is necessary to clarify that, however interesting the Korean SUV may be in its last throes of life, It is not the only plausible option on the market. And we can verify this in What car do I buy?the Diariomotor comparator where we will find the largest offer of new cars and secondhand of the moment.

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Thus, we discover an equally interesting Toyota Yaris Cross for 24,925 euros, an offer that allows us to save 1,675 euros. Another alternative would be the Kia Stonic, a model that, in its mild-hybrid variant, implies a disbursement of 22,550 euros. And finally the Renault Captur, a model that can wear the DGT ECO label in exchange for a payment of 24,800 euros.

But what if the Hyundai Kona is the ultimate choice but we can’t afford a new one? That we can resort to the second-hand market. It is there where we will not only save thousands of euros on your purchase, but also where we can get more powerful engines and higher finishes for less money.

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